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Welcome to Stourbridge Colonic Hydrotherapy Clinic. I am now an exclusive member of RICTAT colonic association.

As previous Chairman of ARCH and a passionate therapist, I want you to enjoy your treatment and obtain the optimum benefit from it. I offer a variety of treatments and it is important that my clients are reassured as to my qualifications and ethos.

Although I am well known as a naturopathic digestive health care specialist, I have also spent over 10 years practicing other therapies including Deep Tissue Massage, Swedish Body Massage, Indian Head Massage, Sports Massage, and Reflexology.

If you visited me at my clinic in Wollaston, you will be pleased to know we have moved to a new purpose made clinic in Norton, just a mile away from our previous premises in January 2010. I have performed over 8,000 colonic treatments and have gathered an enormous amount of knowledge and experience over many years of practice to advise and help people with digestive and other health problems many of which are not obviously linked to digestion. Please feel free to email or call for advice.

I was Chairman of ARCH from 2011-2014.  and I was especially proud to have been Chairman during 2012 which was the 25th anniversary year of The Association. I have also served in many roles on the executive committee and latterly have moved to RICTAT where I am now working to maintain the high standards of the colonic profession.

So whether I am working in my clinic or for the Association, colonics and health is a full time occupation. Please have a browse around the web-site which is regularly updated to give you lots of up to date information.

If you have a question please contact me on: 01384 443442 or email at: gillianedwards63@gmail.com

If you would like a Gift Voucher for someone, please contact me.

This is a picture of Dr Hilary Jones with Linda Booth and me at Camexpo 2012 HilaryJones

A BIT OF HISTORY ABOUT ME People often ask me what made me get into colonic hydrotherapy. The short answer is that after having a colonic hydrotherapy treatment, I felt that the treatment had been so beneficial to me that I decided to train to enable me to practice. The longer answer is that at college I enjoyed anatomy and physiology. I am also interested in psychology and how the two are so interrelated. The colon is often called the second brain. It gives us the sixth sense we call the gut instinct, and the nervous sensation of butterflies in the stomach, when we are excited or frightened.

I trained at the Midland School of Colonic Hydrotherapy, under the tutelage of Clare Davies. Her school was one of the few schools in the country that achieved the standards set by the Association of Registered Colonic Hydrotherapists (ARCH) The post-graduate course of training (which requires pre-requisite qualifications) involved in depth further study of Anatomy & Physiology, along with the principles and practical application of Colonic Hydrotherapy. With so many benefits, including help and relief of numerous bowel conditions, including Constipation, Diarrhoea, Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Diverticulitis, I decided to open my own clinic. With an emphasis on quality and hygiene, I have taken no shortcuts. I have the best Dotolo Hydrotherapy Equipment. Each treatment includes an individual, disposable new set of tubes and speculum. After passing through a series of filters, highly purified water is warmed before it passes into the bowel. The machine is disinfected between each treatment, according to the manufacturers’ instructions, which eradicates all bacterial and viral infections including Hepatitis and HIV. Client care is second to none. As a professional digestive health care practitioner, I enjoy what I do, and want you to relax in order to achieve the best results possible from your treatment.

As part of this all treatments include a thorough consultation and a full medical history will be taken to ensure your treatment is appropriate. If there is any doubt about your treatment you will be asked to obtain permission from your G.P. Everyone has different reasons for having a colonic treatment and during your treatment I will give you my best advice along with information on how your body works, where things can go wrong, and what you can do to make things better. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me to ask for no obligation advice. Gillian Edwards

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