Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage is a safe gentle and effective treatment and is highly effective at relieving symptoms of stress in the neck shoulders and head. It also incorporates gentle massage of the face.

It originated in India and can be administered sitting up or lying down on a couch.

Regularly practiced in the workplace a short treatment of Indian Head massage can quickly invigorate and revitalise a tired worker.

In a warm, calm clinic environment, you are able to relax on a couch and experience an Indian head massage to its full relaxing potential.  Tension in the head neck and face simply melt away during a treatment.

Believe it or not, between your scalp and skull, your head is covered with a layer of muscles. These muscles help to support your head which sits on your shoulders through the centre of your neck. The muscles of your neck shoulders and head are constantly making small adjustments in order to keep your head upright and mobile.

Sitting in one position for long periods results in the muscles becoming tight and tense resulting in pain and discomfort. Literally a pain in the neck!

Stressful situations, poor posture, driving for long periods and sport can all result in stress to the neck head and shoulders.

Poor posture creates an imbalance and causes the neck muscles to tense to take the weight of the head. Eventually the muscles can become tightly contracted and the result is pain stiffness and lack of flexibility

What are the benefits of Indian Head Massage?

  • Improves blood circulation to head and neck area
  • Improves blood circulation to scalp and hair
  • Stimulates lymph flow which carries away waste products
  • Relaxes muscles of neck, shoulders and head.
  • Improve mobility to head and neck rotation
  • Relieves tension headaches, sinusitis and congestion

Psychologically most people find an Indian head massage is quite hypnotic. It is difficult not to relax as the soothing rhythmic massage movements to your head, neck and face gently relax the tension in your muscles. The feeling of warm hands is very comforting and for the duration of the massage you can lose yourself into a relaxing world of nothingness…

In all my years of practice, I have never had anyone not relax during an Indian head massage.

Often during a back or shoulder massage, I incorporate some Indian head massage since the muscles from the shoulders and head affect one another. Following a deep tissue massage, some relaxing Indian head movements allow you to relax and a good night’s sleep usually follows. We are pleased to offer Indian Head Massage Therapy for clients from across the Midlands including Stourbridge, Shrewsbury, Bridgnorth and Wolverhampton.

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