Do Colonics Help You Lose Weight?

It stands to reason that if you have a congested bowel, then releasing weight of the waste will make you lose a bit of weight.


But, the main reason colonics can help with weight issues is several reasons.

A congested digestive system means your food is not moving through efficiently. This means you end up absorbing things that should have been excreted.

Remember, your body burns more calories digesting food than doing any other body activity, so we when it can work to its full potential, your metabolic rate can also function effectively.

If your digestive function is impaired it slows down and that affects your health in many ways.

Feeling full and bloated makes you feel sluggish and feeling sluggish makes feel tired and lethargic and you don’t want to exercise. This then allows your metabolism to slow down and fat levels increase. This creates a lack of motivation and we then start eating lots of the wrong foods and weight creeps on.

Once we can remove the congestion in your bowel and allow digestion to start working properly, the downward spiral can be reversed.

When people have a colonic they report feeling lighter of both mind and body. They invariably go out from the treatment wanting to eat healthily, and it serves as a stake in the ground to begin a better diet and lifestyle.

A series of treatments may be desirable to give a real kick start to better health.

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