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What Are Food Intolerances? 

There is a lot of confusion between food intolerance and food allergy. Many people think they have a food allergy when their symptoms can sometimes indicate food intolerance instead. Up to 45% of the population suffer from food intolerance, according to the leading medical charity Allergy UK, which whilst not life threatening, can have a negative impact on many aspects of daily life.

When foods & drinks are digested, sometimes the body reacts to them and sees them as invaders, attacking them using special antibodies. This can cause inflammation and a wide range of symptoms including digestive problems, IBS, headaches, bloating itchy skin, joint pain weight gain and low mood.



Lorisian specialises in offering hospital standard laboratory tests that measure food specific IgG antibodies-known as food intolerances.

Overseen by a medical director, their food specific IgG method has had more scientific papers published about its performance than any other intolerance test on the market.




How is it done?

Using a simple finger prick method we take a small blood sample which is then sent to the lab for analysis.

Results are sent within about 10 days and we arrange a follow-up appointment to discuss your results.



Which test do I choose?

Lorisian offers 4 tests that offer different numbers of ingredients tested:

  • Lorisian | 50 Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to 50 food ingredients
  • Lorisian | 75 Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to 75 food ingredients
  • Lorisian | 100 Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to 100 food ingredients
  • Lorisian | 150 plus Analyses your IgG antibody reaction to more than 150 food ingredients

Click here for a link to the four tests available: Lorisian Food Test inc 150plus

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