Why Exercise?

Why Does Exercise Help With Weight?

Did you know that a kilo of muscle tissue burns around 120 calories whereas a kilo of fat tissue only burns around 20 calories! Simply, it takes more energy to keep muscle tissue functioning than it does to keep fatty tissue functioning.

That is a big difference so getting fit and increasing muscle tissue whilst reducing fatty tissue makes a big difference to metabolism.

Many people have colonics when they start a new health and fitness regime. 2013 has been a beautiful summer and most people have been outdoors more, taking more exercise and eating lots of lovely light summer food. Holidays and warm sun make us feel well and happy. Dark winter nights can feel long and never ending.

Don’t be tempted to stop exercising! If you go to the gym make sure you keep it up before winter really sets in. Once you stop it is so hard to get motivated again.

Winter is approaching and it is easy to be complacent in front of the TV eating heavy winter foods.  Changing foods can upset your digestion, even if it is a healthy balanced diet so is one reason people choose to have a colonic treatment at this time of year.

Look after your body and it will do its best to look after you…

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