Colonic Massage

Whilst colonic irrigation is an amazing way of cleansing internally, some people prefer to have a colonic massage.

This is a completely different experience and is an opportunity to experience all my knowledge as a digestive health practitioner and massage therapist, to help you with any digestive health questions you may have and have a relaxing abdominal massage treatment at the same time.

I recently went to visit one of my colonic colleagues and we gave each other a colonic massage treatment for a change.

I had forgotten how relaxing and soothing it is! I came home feeling completely relaxed, and had a wonderful night’s sleep.

Taking around 40 minutes, I will do a digestive health assessment, and health questionnaire, give you lots of advice on digestive health and discuss and particular problems you are experiencing.

The treatment is very gentle, soothing and very relaxing.

Feel free to contact me for further information.



  1. jo

    “Wow what a difference a massage can do… Stomach is much better and not bloated and mega been to the loo too… Honestly Gill my stomach feels great after the massage, can highly recommend it.. I felt really bloated before but it’s gone down flat again and feels great… Thank you so much x”

    • Gillian Edwards

      Thanks for taking the time to send, and allow me to use, your comments Jo. Glad you feel so much better. See you soon. Gill

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