Last year I saw a IBS course advertised – I wanted to do it, but coming from Portugal, a one day course would be too expensive, with flights and hotel. What I really wanted to do was more days and more subjects – and preferably a one to one course . Gillian had already the idea to do some teaching like I wanted – and we agreed on a week and some ideas on subjects. I have been doing colonics for 4 years -and being on my own in South of Portugal I often miss education, colleagues, and new inspiration.

I am now home after a brilliant week, with Gillian. New knowledge – new ideas and lots of motivation . Gillian had booked clients – I would be present and after the “real life cases” we could discuss the treatments – aftercare and advises Gillan had given the client. In between clients Gillian did “blackboard teaching“ – on subjects I had chosen. Gillian is a brilliant teacher and motivator – and I am now ready to continue doing colonic with my new knowledge, inspiration and in some areas a complete new view on how to do treatments. WHAT AN EYE OPENER.


One amazing lady and mentor – have to say Gillian Edwards was the lady who kept me sane and it’s like having a massive hug with you at all times as you know she’s just awesome and there for you with so much knowledge and kindness. xx


Just coming down to earth after three fabulous days with Gillian Edwards and her lovely husband Graham. I have had my own bespoke residential training course!!! and it was FAB!! I have learnt so much – Gillian Edwards used – I have discovered – to teach A & P for ITEC – not only this, but she has unlimited patience and an amazing ability to explain something 27 different ways – if that is what you need.

And so – as I had treated myself to three days – just me and Gillian – when I asked a question – about something I’d always wanted to get straight – but always been too afraid to ask – because everyone else seemed to understand – or I’d been practising for years and so it was just SO embarassing to confess that I didn’t get something really basic – Gillian would explain it to me – again and again and again – always with a smile – and coming at whatever it was lots of different ways until I finally got it! And it was just so helpful and illuminating and affirmative to be able to stay with Gill and watch her at work – she had cleared it with two of her clients for me to be in the room while she treated them. Again I learnt so much from so many things that she did slightly differently to me – AND – there were so many things we did similarly – which was just so nice – because being a colonic therapist can be a bit isolating – and this was the perfect antidote to this : ) So, if I were you, I would contact Gillian and blocked off two or three days in your diary and treat yourself to an amazing experience – I feel recharged, reinvigorated – and just can’t wait to get back to work!

I had high hopes and great expectations of my visit – the reality exceeded what I anticipated many fold :


Can recommend gill in her work and knowledge lovely lady xx

Nov 2015 JL