Colonic hydrotherapy/irrigation uses warm purified water to gently stimulate the colon to empty itself, using the natural peristaltic action of your bowel


Specialising in deep tissue & injury problems, I offer bespoke massage to relieve pain, stiffness and promote improvement in chronic & acute soft tissue damage


Used in hospitals and physiotherapy clinics to treat and enhance repair to damaged tissue by sound waves, this painless treatment is highly effective for tissue damage repair

Working with you for improved Health & Wellbeing

I am now exclusively a member of RICTAT UK Colonic Association and have been working as a board member for several years continuing my interest in training and development for the profession of the colonic industry. I have worked with the the other UK Colonic Associations as well as the US colonic association arranging many professional development events for all Colonic Therapists. I have also spent many years teaching and acting as mentor for therapists.

Prior to this, I was an active committee member of ARCH for many years in various roles. I became Chairman of ARCH Colonic Association from 2011 until 2014.

As a Digestive Health Care Practitioner, I have carried out thousands of Colonic Treatments. I have also been a Specialist Clinical Massage Therapist for over 20 years.

I published a book. An Ordinary Woman – (Follow link on the left menu) the story of how I came to be a health practitioner. It’s full of humour and life events that changed my life and work.

I have a self-contained, purpose-made clinic providing services for clients in Stourbridge, Bridgnorth, Wolverhampton, Shrewsbury and the broader Midlands areas.